Feather Falls Fungi

I was again up in Butte County in the area around Lake Oroville and Feather Falls. On this walk towards the falls, but not all the way there, I found many early-season mushrooms and other fungi that I haven’t seen before.

This is a native, wild grape

Wild Grape

Wild Grape Underneath


It was a very cold, frosty morning. I didn’t know frost could form on sand/dirt…

Frost on Ground


I went up to the Feather Falls Trail and found lots of interesting fungi. This is a fried chicken mushroom, named for its flavor on the east coast and europe. Not a good edible here, but first time I’ve ever seen it, it is striking, no?

Chicken Mushroom

Chicken Mushroom Underside


This looked like a normal mushroom



But when I looked underneath it, it had pores instead of the gills I was expecting. Looked potentially edible

Mushroom Underside Pores


This one was fuzzy

Furry Mushrroms


And these grow out of rotting Douglas Fir cones

Mushrooms on Cone


This is some kind of rot or mold or mildew, producing an icy coating of spikes under the bark

Ice Fungi


Another mold, this one was really interesting, but I had a hard time figuring out the focus

Yellow Mold


Moss on Tree


This is an ancient black oak that had died, but a young seedling is sprouting at its base

Ancient and New Oak


A very old cedar. This is likely the southern end of its range, as it is more of a Pacific Northwest species, rather than the incense cedars we have in the Sierras

Old Cedar

Cedar and Moss


This was an interesting geologic formation along the Feather river

Cliff and Slide


A very cute stream had a small waterfall on it




Small Waterfall


A tree farm on the road out there, this place is super remote

Tree Farm


The ladybugs were swarming



And I was treated to a very nice sunset on the drive home, I think this was off Highway 70 in Yuba County somewhere

Yuba Sunset

Yuba Sunset

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