Feather Falls Pt. 2 – Tall Falls and Mushrooms

Here are the more interesting pics from my trip to Feather Falls, in the Plumas National Forest east of Oroville. This was my third hike here, but the first time I actually made it to the falls (8-9 miles in and out). It was worth it, kinda (I hurt myself by stretching my limits), as the falls are 410 feet tall (used to be 600+, the 6th highest, but was re-measured). Lots of interesting fungus around, mostly mushrooms.

I saw this beautiful garter snake, but couldn’t get a great picture


This is a turkey tail fungus, very fresh and considered medicinal


These are honey mushrooms. They are edible but not considered the tastiest


They have a slight hump in the middle


And a scaly stalk with an indent between the gills and the stalk


They have white spores, which you can see fell off onto the cap of the one below


Looks similar, but not the same mushroom


A very beautiful reddish-brown mushroom


A shrump, or mushroom hump. What’s inside?


Matsutake, these are edible and choice by Japanese and Koreans. There are commercial hunters that gather these and ship them back via plane, but these are old and eaten by bugs


Another shrump


Ah, an amanita mushroom. This one has several signs of being edible, but I don’t mess around with these, as they can easily be mixed up with deadly poisonous varieties. The striations on the edge are a good sign


As is the stalk, with no bulb at the bottom. There is a slight ring on the stalk that used to have a veil that covered the gills, and the stuff at the bottom is the remainders of the cup that the egg started in…


These are amanita eggs from another area close by. They start fully covered in white, then hatch out like these before growing tall and losing the veil


The remnants of the egg on the cap gives indications of the kind. These have thick, splotchy remnants, an indication of an edible kind


Pretty on a log


These look very yummy, but I have no idea what they are


Now the falls, here is where they start


And now the cascade…





Here is the whole thing


Can you see the rainbow?


I couldn’t believe that Lake Oroville comes to the base of the falls, but you can actually boat here when it is full (the white ring is the high water mark)


And a babbling brook to end the day


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One Response to Feather Falls Pt. 2 – Tall Falls and Mushrooms

  1. Krystal says:

    The rainbow over the falls and water is beautiful. I just want to jump into the pool of water and float all day 🙂

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