Fossil Hunting in Nowhere

Off Interstate 5 in central California, there is some BLM land that is usually used for shooting range and OHV’s. However, lurking beneath the empty shells lay fossils and minerals that you can extract yourself.

It is off a dirt road, but most sedans can handle it when it is the dry season. They lock the gate and you have to walk an extra half mile in the summer


The area is really pretty


The spring looked good on the usually parched landscape


Some wildflowers




Many different rock formations around


I decided to try out that cave over to the right



There had been a lot of digging, but it looked very unsafe and I didn’t find anything in there


But there was this interesting mineral that formed sheets along the walls


I hiked further up on a bed of loose, very loose, rocks to see what else there was to find


And I was treated to the thickest layer of the white and clear mineral I had found. It took about 20 mins, but I got a huge hunk of it to take home. You can take up to 5 lbs or so under the regulations here


On another hillside is the place I had found seashell fossils before


And indeed this flaky rock contained a ton of tiny fossil shells to take home to the nephew



The parking area and surrounding hills


This one must have been mined or something


But they were very pretty


Then the other direction, into the valley, there were more hills


These were a bit more mesmerizing


There were a bunch of OHVers over on the hill to the east


They kept going up and down these steep trails


Some were pretty crazy, I was surprised they made it down in one piece



Again, sorry for the delay in posting. I have a ton of pics to share from an amazing summer, so stay tuned and sign up for e-mail alerts when new posts go up.

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  1. DG says:

    Look awesome! Those rocks and flowers!!

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