Snowy Sequoias in Calaveras

I headed out to Calaveras Big Trees, which long-time readers will remember I head out to a couple times a year, in early November to see the dogwood and maple trees in fall color. Timing is always hard with such outings, and we were a week or two late. Also impacting the trip, there had been about three inches of snow the week before.

Just a few hints of snow at the visitor center

Slowly burning off in the sun

One of the pacific dogwood trees we were looking for, stripped pretty bare from the rain and snow

The amphitheater looked pretty

Just a dusting in places

Or none at all due to the warming effect of these giants

Other places were harder to navigate with greater depth

This was my first visit here with snow on the ground in the grove

They are quite spectacular, but even more so with the snow

I’ve seen pictures from winter where you can snowshoe on the trail and see them with billowing mounds of snow all over

But this was a much more comfortable alternative

Tall trees too

A little color on these out-of-focus dogwoods

Tree tops

Dusted on its toes

I liked the afternoon lighting too





Someone made a little snowman!

The field/meadow was particularly stunning with the light snowcover

So pretty, yikes

I did find one dogwood with great fall color at the end


Till next time 🙂

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