The Road to King City

Last winter and spring I was traveling for work to King City in southern Monterey county. There is a back road that takes you to San Benito county and the Pinnacles National Park, so I took that way once.

Let’s start at this amazing restaurant called Jardines de San Juan, in San Juan Bautista. Great mexican food and a ton of beautiful gardens surrounding it

That was a christmas cactus in bloom

So many cacti and succulents

It was like a demonstration garden or arboretum

They even had a plot for cut flowers and produce, the persimmons were overly ripe on the tree

There is a state park here where the mission and old town are, the town square here is dressed for the holidays

This pepper tree is hundreds of years old

The area hosts many farms, particularly these artichokes

But also lots of barren looking pasture

A few winter wildflowers

With the southern Diablo Range to the east

And Gabilan Range to the west

A good many vineyards

Nice green hills after drought

The area has a diverse array of agriculture

And mud, stay on the road

The pinnacles, sorry for the terrible lighting

BLM manages a good amount of land out here, including the clear creek management area that contains very rare and spectacular minerals and rocks due to unique geology. This is the west end of a road I took with my dad there from the central valley to the east, a post for another time

But these are the San Benito mountains, you can kinda see how interesting the rocks look compared to everything else

Laguna mountain

This view just went on and on….

Desktop material right there! Next up, the many missions of central california

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2 Responses to The Road to King City

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Is the name of this blog “Look at the Pretty” or “Travels with Jim”?!?! The inconsistency detracts from my enjoyment of this blog.

    • jjadamsj says:

      I understand your confusion but there are several ‘travels with jim’ blogs out there. I have this URL because the one for look at the pretty wasn’t available at the time.
      The name is Look at the Pretty, in honor of a good friend who said that one time at an amazing sunset.

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