Mission San Antonio – Off the Beaten Path

Again sorry for delay, you’ll see why with this gigantic post.

I was working in southern Monterey County last year and was able to check out the mission outside of town before heading home one week. Mission San Antonio is the furthest mission from highway 101, which normally follows the old camino real that connected them. You have to pass through a military reservation to get there as well, but they just ask for ID if anything.

Most of this is reconstruction, but we will get to original ruins in a bit. Here is founder Junipero Serra

Still under renovation, never-ending process really

Lots of spare roof tiles

They are stacked like this to efficiently move water off roofs

Ny favorite part, old trees

That tree is older than the city I live in, which is one of the oldest in the state

They make great oil, I highly recommend you buy a bottle if in the area

They were perfectly ripe

This is some kind of really cool cactus

I wondered if the fruit was edible

Old pomegranate tree

You can even rent a room for the night in a rehabbed wing

It is lovely

Inside is a main square they have filled with old roses

A sundial in the middle

A well with very old grape vine

More old grape

Founded in the 1700’s

Fountain on one side

Cool drainage, also mortars

Giant pot for collective meals

I want one at home


Inside the church was beautiful. There is an active congregation with services here


Cool nook

I want to sit up there please

Dedicated souls

Lots of amazing religious art





Outside the grounds had some more significant ruins of the old buildings

Like this


Not as easy to see here

But the back was lined and obvious

This is why it all disappeared, adobe construction just melts over time if not maintained


What those barracks might have looked like, sans screens

That reservoir led to this mill

It allowed them to process the harvest

Long ditch

Not a lot of that was original though

Mountain named after the father, highest in the range

Thresh it up

Grinding stones

Mules would turn then as you placed the raw grain in that hole

It then came out here ground up


And an amazing sunset to leave you

Next up, another mission on the way north

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  1. Mary says:

    Great post! Very interesting site.

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