Missions pt. 2 – Soledad

Next on the list from my trips to see the missions in Central California was La Soledad, near the town of the same name.

Back of the restored church with the classic Camino Real bell

Unfortunately, due to the materials used and neglect, the original church is no more

But this is what part of it looked like back in 1953

And another

This is now preserved outside

The adobe construction is perfect for the climate, but not durable

It was made of sand, clay, mud and used pottery

Which kinda melts in the winter rains over time

A natural spring fountain, very old with all the mineralization under the slime

Cute pool

Inside the church, still active

It was quaint but beautiful

Like this stained wood ceiling

Prayer candles

And another of these nooks. Anyone?

There is a museum on site as well, these are artifacts from the first inhabitants of this area


More recent artifacts

The property abuts very productive farmland and was almost lost

They have re-created some of the plant culture of the missions, with this citrus


Olives for oil (other missions make and sell oil from the oldest trees)

And this ancient wine grape

A good six inches across and maybe 100 years old

A new grove of old ,

Next up, San Juan Bautista



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