Return to Table Mountain

One of my favorite places is Table Mountain outside of Oroville in the spring as it bursts with waterfalls and flowers. However, it is being loved to death and I will no longer be heading up. Please also consider going to another of the north valley wildflower spots to find these great ones.

The snow on the Snow Mountains was brilliant with the valley farmwork in between. I think that is a snow covered goat mountain below

This meadowfoam flower is endemic to this mountain, a volcanic mesa, and often grows right in and next to the water

This is a seep monkey flower, it only grows in wet areas too, but not in the water like the meadowfoam

Blue sky lupline was good at clustering that year (2016)

A close-up

And this was the best shot of the day of it

Hairypink flower

Yellow carpet flowers weren’t so carpety anymore

The creek heading down to the main falls

I’ve seen these hills in a multi-colored riot with zero green, so this year wasn’t as impressive

And neither was the waterfall, 2017 was much better

See the toad?

It was about the size of a 12 year old’s fist

I’m not finding a name for this beauty with blue stamens

Of this tiny one

One of the five violets that can be found here, I’ve only ever seen three at one time

Another highlight was this beautiful yellow garden spider


A vert rare white larkspur. There is only one patch of it on the main trail to the falls that I have found, and it usually is all blue

Next time hopefully sooner!

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1 Response to Return to Table Mountain

  1. James W Peterson says:

    Nice close up of flowers. Good to see what can be found off the beaten path. Always good to see you at ROTR.

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