Hidden los Padres National Forest – Pt. 1

In the few weeks of spring time, when the creeks recede but the heat of summer has yet to kiss and kill the grasses, you can visit a magical place in central California. The memorial park area (also called The Indians, but I think we can find a more appropriate name) of the Los Padres National Forest outside of King City.

There is a nice campground where you can have some facilities, as well as large areas to group camp. There are also campsites along the road

The area has spectacular geography

As well as lots of wildflowers, these are blue dicks

In some areas, they covered the ground

Many ancient oaks stood sentry, their gnarled wood of no use to prior ranchers

I don’t have names for them all, feel free to add in the comments

These stone formations were I think sandstone

Because the winds have carved out nooks, crannies and caves

You can almost see the winds swirling around in here

Some lupine

Owl’s Clover


A really showy monkeyflower

These formations were what I saw from the satellite and decided to visit this area for

I couldn’t tell what these were formed from, either mortars used by native americans or from lightning

On top of some of these rocks were nice views

The area is a valley surrounded by the ventana wilderness

Hey little guy!

A potato/tomato relative



Maybe Chinese Houses?

More from the next day in the next post

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1 Response to Hidden los Padres National Forest – Pt. 1

  1. bubbasuess says:

    That’s also the trailhead for climbing Junipero Serra Peak, the highest point in the Ventana Wilderness. It’s a steep but awesome climb. Those rock formations are awesome!

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