Seattle Special – Dale Chihuly Glass and Gardens

Thanks to some friends in Seattle (big up Jack and Jessica), I was able to visit Seattle again (that is how behind I am on posts, I have a whole trip around the Olympic peninsula to show you and then this one to the Cascades, but that is for another time). This special place was right under the space needle, and quite the worthwhile tourist trap.


These sonic flowers were pretty cool, they collect energy during the day and have music activated by your motion between them

Fun times

Sculptures all over the place around here

Inside, you are treated to a neon sight where these glowing glass blobs fell from the ceiling onto glass

These are reminiscent of the native american baskets of the southwest

Don’t you think?

This is an excellent example of what he is best known for, these spectacular chandeliers made from hundreds of blown glass pieces

This one was mostly sea themed

And the ceilings made from glass objects and fans

The overlapping colors create a kaleidoscope effect

Gotta love that accidental red, gold and green (rally!)

This collection was vast, I liked these best

Better up close

See the porpoises?

These collections of bowls were so vibrant with the contrasting rims

My favorite shade of blue in the upper left side of this one, where is yours?

Looked like a firework went off


Almost look like living things, but not really

More chandeliers!

A whole rainbow

These fans were pretty spectacular

This pic is a little clearer

Also looks like fireworks

The gardens were wonderful and carefully maintained, look at this pansy

Trumpets anyone?

Sweet fall rose

Almost like the plant is mirroring the glass

Another rainbow, this time all in one

Hydrangea fading into fall

Great companion to these uniquely-barked trees

My favorite by far

A bit scary

But beautiful upon closer inspection

This is everyone else’s favorite shot

So have another

Something shiny is blooming out from the ground


South African?

Teal with lovely hydrangeas

And an ocean blue

Is that an octopus?

I also really liked the black glass

Spheres of beauty

Back to where it all started, or did we ever leave…

See you next time.

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