Rock Lakes in Nevada County

100th post on this site!

If you keep heading up the trail from the meadow you eventually get to the rock lakes. Did I mention where this is last time? Off bowman lakes road, which is near where highway 20 and I-80 intersect in the mountains.

This is a white California Lilac (ceanothus), smelling lovely along the trail

A few years ago a small fire took out this stand, not sure if lightning or campfire, but the size indicates lightning

Will take a while to recover

But all around is beautiful mature forest

The drought hadn’t killed off many trees yet here, this meadow was full of mule’s ears

I only just saw the caterpillar in this one

One of my favorites, larkspur

A wonderful mariposa lily

So nice, let’s see it twice

Looks like a phlox to me

Looks like a berry to me

A pink penstemon?



A very special coral root orchid, they are parasitic plants like the snowplant, feeding off the roots of the conifers

Once up a pretty steep hill, the sierra crest peaked through and the late June snowbanks on the north faces were still around

Only one there, it was spectacular

Slightly windy day kept things cool, the water was ice cold

It was super full too

See them?

A swarm of beautiful dragonflies

More mountains with snow peaking up

Back at the lake (this was the upper rock lake, the lower one isn’t quite as picturesque


till next time

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3 Responses to Rock Lakes in Nevada County

  1. Marit says:

    Lovely photos! 😃

  2. Mary says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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