About a year after it opened its new 5-story addition I headed out to see the new designs and expanded galleries.

The main entry way was entirely remodeled, if you ever went to the old one, this is quite the  contrast to the modern version it used to be

The sky light is still the same though, this was taken from the walkway you can see at the top of the last picture

The bathrooms on each floor were super futuristic with recessed lighting and bold, single color paint jobs. This floor was a dark teal, the yellow and red floors were vibrant

The staircases between floors were really trippy, they all had different lengths, angles and step sizes

And somehow were placed on top of each other without overlapping

This art installation is so big they had to bring them in during construction and build the building around them!

Super fun to play in

A classic Calder mobile from the old collection in a new, more appropriate display with lots of space

I think my favorite new feature was the living wall, a wall with pots and plants arranged in a quilt-like pattern

There must have been 40 varieties of different ferns and plants

These fuchsia were blooming nicely

The pretty views of the city kept getting obscured by rando art

Lots of people and lots of photography

The following shots were quite difficult to obtain, as they have no people in the shots despite there being several thousand here that day

I love these bold pieces with the sharp lines

Sometimes things were kinda random though

This was just a extra large, solid blue canvas, but I loved the tone. Unfortunately the camera and monitor do not adequately convey the intense level of blue this was

Also loved these, the artist took a film and identified the most prominent color in each frame and created these with the results


And now into really cerebral art. Why? Just why



Dirt on the floor with mirror

And of course rocks on the floor

At least it transitioned into more traditional art

The last area was my favorite, all about fonts. My favorite font is Helvetica, a font created in the 60’s for the NYC transit authority that has very clean lines that reduce the impact of my slight dyslexia

Familiar no? I use it wherever I can

And they had many famous posters from the 60’s concerts that are so iconic of that era

A final giant art piece near the lobby on your way out

See you next time

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