National Heirloom Expo Part 1

Well, my expectations of more frequent posting has been thoroughly dashed with an active spring. I highly recommend you travel to Santa Rosa California for the annual Heirloom Expo at the fairgrounds September 11-13. This event is a must for any gardener or fan of organic and sustainable agriculture.

Lots of fun displays outside

Some old farm equipment

So many gourds


Love the warts



Do you see the cartoonish man smiling?

So many watermelons!

They have tastings all the time, so you can try the different varieties of tomatoes and melon

This giant gourd pile/sculpture was once a world record holder

They donate the tower at the end to local food banks and some of the attendees

There are displays of every variety imaginable of fruits and vegetables and grains, and even some unimaginable. Here are some of the tomatoes

These look really cool, and tasty

I have a thing for deeply lobed red and pink tomatoes

Doesn’t look very purple to me…

Even a kaleidoscope of cherry tomatoes

Peppers anyone? All are spicy here

Such a variety of color from one variety, although also not true to its name

There is a giant pumpkin contest

And a dahlia show, because these both hit their peak in late summer

Like a hundred different kinds

Some of my favorites

This reminds me of the color of my favorite hibiscus flower

A tartan variety

A very different form

So black, wow

Next half soon, didn’t want to give you 53 pics in one sitting.

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