National Heirloom Expo Part 2

On to the second installment!

There was a giant hangar with rows upon rows of different varieties of heirloom melons, gourds, squashes and more

I mean really, 20 different kinds of watermelon? And how many squash?

I love those little pumpkin looking ones

So many weird eggplants

All Italian heirloom tomato varieties

I really loved this one with purple and blue shaded tomatoes from Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms


There were also lots of rare and tropical fruits displayed by the California Rare Fruit Growers Association

Hibiscus variety used for tea

Fresh cultivated mushrooms

These were truly psychedelic varieties of corn

I’ve never seen anything like them, they can be ground into flour

I never knew there were this many garlic’s

My favorite seed company, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds out of Missouri

Outside they had set up many beautiful scenes

I want a bathtub planter now


Fun water feature

Indigo-dyed stuff! The plant-based dye is quite difficult to process, so farmers have created co-ops to facilitate making the dye in bulk

A potato variety local to Sonoma where the expo is held has been adopted by Slow Food 

Lovely mural with art below

So fun


There was even a bonsai display with this spectacular rose

So head out to the National Heirloom Expo September 11-13

Hope to post again soon…

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