Road to Opals in Nevada

I took a special trip with my dad a couple years ago to mine for opals. The desert landscapes were very photogenic.

We left from Winnemucca, which is definitely not a made-up town in the middle of nowhere

Slightly cloudy at the end of summer

Click to enlarge

Lots of interesting geologic features, wish I knew more about them like this black spot

Long stretches of road with little around

Rougher rocks poking out

So nice and recently paved

Small patches of green were scattered across the arid landscape

The natural vegetation was sparse

But produced interesting patterns in the distance



Looking towards the opal bearing areas

On the way in we passed gigantic walls of rock

I wonder what the white layer is about

But a nice stop on the way in is an old campground around a hot spring

An off-limits building

I wasn’t soo sure about any swimming in the green water

Sunset with two people on the horizon? No, just a cool rock

More of the Virgin Valley, where several claims allow you to mine for a fee

Lots of claims out here, so really not a good idea to go out on your own

we decided on Rainbow Ridge

They bulldoze the right layers of rock and then you break open the clumps and use water to find the opals

There was so much to go through, but the owner and other rockhounds will help you get your bearings

On the way out got this monumental vista

Odd abandoned building out on a promontory

But this round one in the middle of nowhere was a shining beacon

Until next time

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