ONP – Lake Crescent and Marymere Falls

Hey, hoping to pick up the pace a bit for this trip series. My first full day in Olympic National Park started at the Lake Crescent Lodge and the nearby trail to a large waterfall where I found a ton of mushrooms and fungus!

The lodge is very old, but quite well maintained. I loved staying there and feeling the history from the early 1900’s

I particularly enjoy the art from the first nations of the pacific northwest and western canada

Accidental Wes Anderson (there is a subreddit, definitely take a look)

The lake was pretty obscured by the angles, best view was right out the large windows of the hotel

The mists rising from the forest across the lake were quite captivating

It was truly a spectacular setting

And inside they had a wonderful large fireplace

Easy trail with amazing scenery

At the start was this gigantic maple, a native tree hundreds of years old

It must have reached up 100 feet

And had moss hanging from every limb

A nearby tree provided the first mushrooms of the day

Super cute

The forest itself was lush and just what you would expect from a temperate rain forest

With a few large, old-growth trees

Including douglas fir

And western red cedar

Some of these trees can get over 1,000 years in age


Fun to see one from top to bottom, keep scrolling

The mosses were doing something, flowering?

The fungus was fruiting indeed, such as this stag’s horn (Zyleria)

And this cousin coral fungus, I think it might be a ramaria but maybe a clavaria

A lactarius is a mushroom with this shape that exudes a milky substance when its gills are cut or otherwise disturbed

Here is a different one from the top

I love the striated edges on this one

And the shaggy cap and stalk on this one

These old mushrooms were disintegrating in the rain

Prize of the Day! Yelowfoot/winter chanterelles

These are choice edible mushrooms at $30/lb, and hard to confuse with other varieties if you know a few key characteristics (head out with your local mycological association to lear from local experts, find them via namyco.org)

This witches butter (tremella) is also edible, but less than choice

I think this may be a different species

These mushrooms are mostly ascomycetes, or fungus that shed their spores not from gills, but other surfaces (although this simplifies things a bit), I think below is a helvella, but not sure

Loved the tree roots on this boulder near the falls

Holding on for dear life

This trail goes straight up a 2,000 foot mountain, I don’t how people do those hikes

But I didn’t need to go there to see the waterfall, this is the first falls at the top, they have stairs and railings

And below the falls were very beautiful and supported a nice fern garden behind it, refreshing

Next time, more from the Lake Crescent area

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