ONP – Stormy Ruby Beach

Once out on the pacific coast of the Olympic Peninsula I was a bit disappointed that both Rialto Beach and Hoh Rainforest areas were closed due to storm damage weeks before my visit. I was going to find some cool rocks on the beach, and the Hoh is the reported best of the rainforests on the peninsula. Instead I headed to Ruby Beach, which was quite beautiful on its own.

Click on the pic for a large panorama from the bluff above the beach

I loved that teeny tiny rock in the distance

Here is the outlet of Cedar Creek

You can see how it deposits logs onto the banks and beach from the deep forest

Piled up like a thousand dead bodies (sorry, too much game of thrones for me)

Another view from the bluff

A lonely lighthouse on a small, flat island

And a remnant of a past coast, with scraggly trees clinging to the rock

A bit closer

Lots of down wood strewn across the beach like Poseidon’s toothpicks

This trunk was old-growth and very large, they were a hassle to walk through though

But somehow I found more mushrooms!

These beauties were glistening on a log in these clusters

I’m not sure how they survive the seawater

But it was a very dreary, stormy day

With a churned up ocean and regular drizzle

Looking south towards home

A real highlight of the trip, a bleeding mycena! These fun little brown mushrooms exude a bright rust red liquid when cut

I now can’t resist the urge to cut into little mushrooms I find to see if they do this

Next up will be the Kalaloch Big Cedar and its associated amanitas

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