On the Way and Giant Sequoia’s

Back in the fall I went out to Calaveras Big Trees state park, where they have the northernmost grove of the giant redwood trees.

To get there, you have to go through the great central valley, east of Stockton, with many farms and fields


This vineyard was just turning, and the one below was nearly brown




Then you hit the rolling hills, studded with native oaks


These eventually give way to steep, winding hills of the foothills/gold country, but that is for another post


This is a vista from the park looking east, into the Sierra Nevada


The lush forest literally falls over the trails. Thankfully maintenance crews clear them out


Here is what we came for, the giant redwood, one of the oldest living things



A panorama to better understand the hight


These two perfectly framed a view of the canopy of their neighbor


Note the more rounded tops of these trees, most conifers have much more pointed peaks




These are twins growing together, check out the fire scar at the bottom, these trees have to withstand relatively frequent forest fires




See the undergrowth here, not a very healthy forest. Other areas have been treated with fire and are much safer and healthy


And those areas allow redwood seedlings to sprout and thrive, this tree is about 5-8 years old


Their leaves are rounded and heavily branched, quite distinct


These redwoods in a new grove are about 30 years old, notice the more open forest here


And here with these giants. The fire scar at the bottom shows they have withstood a lot over the centuries (at least 500 years on the right)


An incense cedar and fir tree grow together in an unusual way


This is a snag, or standing dead tree. They provide a unique habitat for many different animals, often enndangered


Next up, fungus and vistas from this trip

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One Response to On the Way and Giant Sequoia’s

  1. Heather Adams says:

    Love the blog, the photography is amazing!

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